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Empire Initiative’s events marketing systems are easily adaptable to almost any industry. There is no industry out there that can say they don’t need any more customers – especially with the market being the way that it is at the moment.

Right now we specialise within the telecommunications industry and we look to expand into the entertainment, charity and insulation sectors in the future. Our mission is to expand into different industries as well as into new geographic locations. Due to the massive success we achieved in Edinburgh and the success and results we produce in Maidstone right now, our clients have expressed interest in us growing into London. What our clients want, our clients get! Why London? Simple. It’s huge! We can provide our clients with bundles of new customers because of the sheer size of London.

Press releases

Empire Initiative Explain Why it’s So Vital to Listen to Your Customers

We all know that seeking customer feedback is an essential element of business as it’s vital that we understand how our business is performing in... read more

Press Release • 30.04.2014 • By Empire Initatives